INOVA’ s medical, editorial, and program management teams have knowledge and experience in development and execution of certified educational activities in a wide variety of formats and platforms.

Live Activities

  • symposia
  • local and regional meetings
  • hospital-based/Grand Rounds
  • consensus meeting
  • hands-on and simulation workshops
  • satellite symposia

Enduring materials

  • DVDs
  • Peer-reviewed journal supplements
  • Print monographs/newsletters

Internet/electronic activities

  • Websites
  • Interactive cases
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Apps

Program development

  • Education curricula
  • Slide development

Strategic consulting in a variety areas of scientific expertise

  • Perioperative medicine
  • Enhanced Recovery

INOVA develops activities designed to meet the educational preferences of our learners. This means that multiple formats are considered and implemented based on the needs of each target audience and educational intervention.

Expected Results

The results expected from all educational activities are a demonstrated change in the competence and/or performance of health care professionals that will ultimately impact patient outcomes. Continued program evaluation and assessment assists us in ensuring that activity content is relevant to the learner’s current educational needs.